Composite Hoses – Chemicals

The point of transfer is the most vulnerable link in the chain of production, distribution and use of bulk chemicals.  Flexible Piping System produce an extensive range of composite hoses, chemically compatible and mechanically engineered to handle hazardous chemicals, safely and easily, in all kinds or transfer applications.


  • Chemifex 951 HD the original standard product with a working pressure of between 10.40 and 14 bar and bore diameters between 25mm and 100mm, is suitable for road, rail tanker and inplant applications.  For standard duties, Chemiflex 951 offers superior flexibility for ease of use.
  • Heavy duty Chemiflex 969/998 and Marine 1000 hoses are available in sizes up to 250mm diameter, offering higher working pressures and suitability for very arduous operating conditions including ship-toshore, dockside and general shipboard use.
  • The Chemiflex range incorporates as standard, a  polypropylene covered inner wire and galvanised  steel outer wire. Stainless steel can be substituted where appropriate.
  • The full Flexible Piping System range includes a number of specifically engineered hoses incorporating other thermoplastic and fluorocarbon materials.
  • These hoses are suitable for particularly hazardous working conditions or difficult to handle conveyants.