Composite Hoses – Hydrocarbons

The most vulnerable link in the chain of production, distribution and use of bulk hydrocarbons is the point of transfer. Flexible Piping System produce a comprehensive range of composite hoses, specifically engineered to safely and easily handle hydrocarbons, including: oils, petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, paraffin and 100% aromatics, in all kinds of transfer.


  • Standard Fuelmaster Code 1000 and Oilmaster 901 hoses are designed as general purpose hoses for the transfer of a wide variety of hydrocarbon conveyant under suction or pressure
  • Standard Duty Fuelmaster hoses are used in such applications as low pressure transfer for road and rail tanker loading and discharging, storage tank and in-plant use. Conveyants include light distillates such as petrol, diesel, paraffin/kerosene and 100% aromatics.
  • Where exceptionally low weight is required, Lightweight Fuelmaster Code 1003 substitutes an aluminium inner spiral. It is suitable for similar conveyants to the standard Fuelmaster 1000.
  • Standard Duty Oilmaster hoses, for road and rail tanker and in-plant applications, are used for black oils and heavier lubricating products in addition to the same conveyants as Fuelmaster.
  • Heavy Duty Oilmaster 982 hoses, including bores up to 250mm NB, are suitable for ship-to-shore, dockside and general shipboard use.
  • Standard Aviation Hose code 900 AV substitutes an aluminium inner spiral together with a fine weave fray resistant inner liner designed specifically for use with aviation spirit.