Our Corrugated Metal Hoses are manufactured and tested to ISO 10380, AS 4041, AS 3992, BS 6501 (Part 1, 1991).

Our Interlock/Stripwound Hoses are manufactured to BS EN ISO 15465:2004

Our Composite Hoses are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 1402, BS 5173 (part 102 Section 102.1) and Fuelmaster Hoses comply with international standards such as AS 2683, AS 2117, BS 3492 and IMO BCH.

Our Hose Assemblies have been tested, certified and audited by The Australian Gas Association

Our quality & business management systems have been audited by SAI Global and we have maintained our ISO 9001 certification for more than 20 continuous years!

Our company is also an audited member of Achilles. A supplier pre-qualification program for procurement and sourcing departments.