As safety is one of our core values, we conduct environmental management activities that provide safe and secure environmentally friendly products with consistent quality to the market. We contribute to the improvement of the local environment and the Earth’s environment through our business activities which focus on the designing, developing, manufacturing and sales of our products on the following policy:

  • We will accurately grasp the effect that our business activities, products and services have on the environment and achieve the continuous improvement of environmental management systems while endeavoring to to prevent environmental pollution
  • We will adhere to any laws and regulations relating to environmental aspects and any other requirements we agree to
  • In undertaking business activities that have an effect on the environment, we will handle the following points with an environmental improvement-oriented theme:
    • Propose safe and secure environmentally friendly products and provide consistent quality
    • Promote the use of parts that are kind to the environment
    • Conserve natural resources
    • Promote activities that contribute to the improvement of the environment to society and the local community
  • All our employees will understand the environmental policy and we will improve their environmental awareness