Quality Management System:

Our philosophy of success lies in our customers’ satisfaction. With over 50 years of industry experience specializing in flexible hoses, we truly understand you business problems with regards to downtime, repairs and maintenance and costly replacements.

Therefore, our Quality Management System (QMS) was introduced to ensure customers are provided with products that are of the highest quality and reliability as well as providing fast and efficient service that can be trusted.

Our QMS is a management framework that gives us the necessary controls to address risks, monitor and measure performance in our business in order to deliver the best outcomes.

QMS measurements encompass ever aspect of our business: product quality, product turnover, customer services, competitive pricing, product innovation, staff training, customer satisfaction and supplier evaluation.

Using 10 key performance measurements that are rigorously reviewed every month on every single product category, we strongly believe we can deliver no matter what your needs are or what industry you operate in.

Dedicated Quality Personnel:

Our Welders, Hose Fitters, Inspectors, Quality Assurance and Testing personnel have all been trained and accredited by NATA certified agencies.